Even your shoes deserve the best service!

We are the first premium professional shoe cleaner and repair shop in the Czech Republic, taking care of all types of shoes from sneakers to social shoes of all materials.
Choose from our services and give us the care of your shoes. The only thing you can do best for your shoes is at Vito Shoe Care

We have been operating on the Czech market since December 2017, during which time we have gained many satisfied customers who are looking for us for quality services at the best prices, also thanks to excellent customer service and top customer care.
Vito Shoe Care's innovative approach to cleaning and repair is the work of the most talented and experienced experts in the Czech Republic.


What we are doing?

Unbeatable unique service at the best prices. Professional cleaning and repair of shoes of all types and materials, color restoration, creaming and waxing formal shoes, sewing holes and many other services for you and your shoes.

Our goals

Our philosophy has not changed since the foundation of society. We want to offer the best prices, the highest quality services and the best goods.

The goal of Vito Shoe Care is to meet the wishes and needs of today's shoes and wearers, to remain innovative, productive, creative and environmentally friendly.



We use fine Jason Markk products and our own production products, with effectively cleaners that do not contain any chemicals, are 98.3% natural, completely biodegradable and safe to use on all colors and materials including leather, suede, nubuck, cotton fibers, mesh and more.


We are based in Prague, which is a hatchery of talents in the field of footwear and repairs. We attract the best and the smartest. Our employees have gone through the most respected education, including Jason Markk, Baldinini and Gucci. Our growth is fueled by our passion for the cause and the desire to win over dirt and destruction.


we will be happy to reward regular customers


guaranteed and verified by customers


5-10 CZK from every cleaned shoe, we send to charity


we go through training from the best in the industry



rychlost dle vytížení



only cash

Make your steps more enjoyable. More than just cleaning and refurbishing shoes. Personal, innovative and productive.

Vito Vodvarka / Owner of Vito Shoe Care