Vito Shoe Care is building a shoe cleaning, restoration and repair service for everyone
- Whoever you are and wherever you are, and whatever problem you have.

Vito Shoe Care's innovative approach to cleaning and repair
is the work of the most talented and experienced
experts in the Czech Republic. We are based in Prague, which is a hatchery of talent
in the field of footwear and repair. We attract the best and the smartest.
Our employees have gone through the most respected education,
such as Jason Markk, Baldinini and Gucci.
Our growth is driven by our zeal for the cause and our drive to win over dirt and damage.


Enthusiastic professionals on shoes care and sneaker collecting

We have been operating on the Czech market since 2017 and during this time we have gained many satisfied customers who are looking for us for quality services at the best prices and also for excellent customer service and care for our customers.


Company foundation
Our company was founded in 2017. Vito Vodvarka is behind its establishment, who gained valuable experience with shoe cleaning and restoration while working for companies in London and Rome. The first branch was opened in one of the Pilsen barber shops.

Moving to the capital city
The year in which we started in full swing. After Pilsen, we opened a branch in Prague in a store with premium brands. Slowly we started to teach people the new service and build a quality service that no one in Prague offered us before. We have no competition.

Extension of scope
In December, we opened a new branch in Hradec Králové. We became known to most people in the Czech Republic thanks to quality services and perfect customer service. We have expanded our services from cleaning and restoration to high-level shoe repair. We start cooperating with the first companies and personalities.

New start and possibilities
A year that was challenging for everyone. We have opened our own new branch in Prague, which is still today. The most luxurious and highest quality dry cleaning and shoe repair in the Czech Republic. This year we also saw a huge increase in customers, concluded cooperation with Pařížská Street and other major companies.


Who we are?

Luxury shoe cleaning and repair shop, we take care of all types of shoes from sneakers to formal shoes of all materials, whether they are made of fabric, netting, leather, suede or nubuck. Choose from our services and entrust us with the care of your shoes.


What we offer?

Everything from A to Z in terms of shoe care - shoe cleaning, creaming and polishing of formal shoes, restoration of shoe colors, all repairs, and more…


What do we use for preparations?

We use delicate products of our own production, with effective cleaning ingredients that do not contain any chemicals, are 98.3% natural, completely biodegradable and safe for use on all colors and materials including leather, suede, nubuck, netting and others.


Our goals

Our philosophy has not changed since the establishment of the company. We want to offer the best prices, best service and best goods.

The goal of our Vito Shoe Care company is to fulfill the wishes and needs of today's sneakers and its wearers, to remain innovative, productive, creative and environmentally friendly.
If you take care of your shoes, take care of our Earth.

What next?

Are your shoes ready?
Give them our services!