Cleaning exotic bags

1500 Kč

Complete careful external cleaning
(thorough cleaning of dirt)

Cleaning the inner layer
(pockets, textiles, etc.)

Cleaning handbag accessories

Premium deodorization
(odor removal/spray fragrance)

Complete ozone disinfection
(removal of bacteria, viruses and fungi)

Impregnation of nanotechnologies
(protection against water and dirt)

Cosmetic treatments
(thread trimming, ironing, etc..)

Reinforcement for straightening the shape

To begin with, any surface dirt such as mud or dust is brushed off. Dirt and dust from the interior spaces and pockets are removed with a special vacuum cleaner.

We will find a small and subtle area to test cleaning methods to ensure that the technique used will not damage the bag. We will assess the materials your bag is made of and decide which can be cleaned using wet methods and which will require dry methods. For bags with different colours and materials, each area is cleaned and dried independently to prevent the colours from dissolving.

We condition exotic materials and use special tools to iron them.

Recessed spots? We are always developing new techniques, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove all stains from your bags.

Worn leather? Sometimes the skin looks like it is dirty, but it is actually damaged. In these circumstances, we recommend creaming or color restoration.

Fine material? In sensitive areas, we may prefer to salvage the bag before removing all stains.

2-3 weeks. Earlier delivery is possible charged.