For personal delivery in our studio we also offer the possibility to send your shoes, handbags or accessories to us.
Follow these instructions.

Wrap items securely in paper or bubble wrap, place in a reasonably sized sturdy box and seal securely with tape. Follow our instructions for the safety of your items:

  1. Please do not send dust bags or branded boxes.
  2. If only one shoe of a pair seems to need repair, please send both shoes.
  3. Check again that all bags being sent are completely empty.
  4. Make sure that light-coloured items (especially fabric, painted or suede) do not touch anything of a darker colour.
  5. Do not add any contact details or other information to the package, fill everything in electronically. Continue with the next instruction.

Please fill out the form to provide us with your contact details, describe what items you are sending to us, what you need to do with them and select your preferred carrier back. We will match this form to your shipment automatically by name, contents and more.

Předání dopravce

Contact information

For entrepreneurs and companies. We recommend to add the VAT number and tax identification number.
You will receive an email confirming that we have accepted the order from the carrier, followed by a receipt once the services have been completed.

Shipping back to you

The return price is charged according to the carrier's tariff and is already included in the final invoice.

Choice of services

by checking the box you agree to the ''Terms and Conditions, GDPR, Complaints Policy, Price of Services''
More information and terms and conditions can be found on our website at the bottom of the footer.


Vito Shoe Care
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+420 776 490 637


When your goods arrive at our studio, we will send you a receipt to let you know they arrived safely. The confirmation will arrive by email.

Your items will then go through a physical assessment process where we will reconcile what you have asked us to do with what we think is needed. In the email you can accept, question or reject any part of the offer.


Vito Shoe Care is not responsible for any packages that may be lost or damaged in transit.

Please take out the necessary insurance on any high value items you choose to send to us, this may incur additional costs.


Zboží k nám můžete odesílat kterýmkoliv dopravcem, dle vašeho výběru (např. Česká pošta, PPL, DPD, GLS, iDoDo, Liftago, Messenger). Zásilkovna pouze na naši adresu.

You can send goods to any country in the world.

Additional information

Transportation of goods to us and back is paid by the client. The return transport is included in the final invoice (price according to the selected carrier).

Payment is made to our bank account after all services have been completed.
The proof will be sent to your email address.

The delivery time back to you is estimated to be 2 to 4 weeks (depending on branch load, selected services and the number of goods sent).

Send items by carrier within a maximum of 5 business days of completing the form. After that, we delete your data for items not received.

Virtual consultation

We are pleased to now provide free virtual consultations with our repair specialists via video chat. You no longer have to worry about sending something to us that can't be fixed. We'll save you time and shipping costs.

Via video chat you will show us everything you wish to send to us. We will study everything carefully and make you a quote right away.

Contact us and we will arrange a video call together.

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