"The Ten Commandments" Vito Shoe Care

  1. Do not accept damaged items that have been damaged by improper handling by another company or person who owns the item. Or fake items - non-original.
  2. When determining the final prices for the customer, adhere to the valid prices listed here on the website or the price communicated verbally, do not intentionally change prices for the purpose of higher profits
  3. Do not deliberately raise prices to people who pass on a more expensive branded item or look wealthy
  4. Approach every customer in a welcoming, decent, polite and maximally professional manner
  5. If it would not be cost effective for the customer to repair, clean, etc., inform the customer of this fact and recommend a possible alternative. This means, for example, if the item is already damaged to such an extent that nothing can be done to it at the price of the item
  6. If the customer is not satisfied with something, listen to him and try to satisfy his wishes and requirements as much as possible. If this still doesn't work, inform them of the situation with a thorough explanation to clarify any problems that may have arisen.
  7. Online communication with the customer via email or social media is always followed up with a reply. Don't let the customer go unanswered.
  8. Always consult the customer about any price increases or changes in the course of the service before the item is repaired or cleaned.
  9. All services offered (e.g. cleaning or repairs) will always be carried out to the highest possible quality that can be done and the matter allows
  10. All information provided in the branch and on the website is true and in no way detached from reality or based on lies

Vito Visentini - Founder of Vito Shoe Care

These rules are very important for our company and we make sure that they are followed properly. Therefore, we set certain standards that you can expect from our staff as far as possible.

If you think, that we violated some of the above rules. We will be glad if you contact us.