Our service offers complete care for formal shoe, but also selected leather handbags or accessories. We supply the color, shine, charm and skin needed nutrients.

We use luxury products from the Parisian company Saphir Médaille d'Or for creaming, waxing, polishing and cleaning.

We are trained in the care of leather shoes by Italian craftsmen Calzaturificio Victor s.r.l. (Victor Handmade), for whom we completed two-day skin care courses.

Warnings and tips
- the skin needs nutrients, it often needs to be properly creamed, polished and waxed to prevent it from drying out and cracking

- use shoe tensioners keep the original shape, protect it from deformation and creasing
- avoid skin contact with water, the skin does not do well. Quality waxing or impregnation will help
- creamed leather things can be colored, creams contain a dye that is not always 100% absorbed into the skin

299 CZK

low shoe

399 Kč

ankle boots and higher

499 CZK

handbags and larger areas

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