Our service offers complete care for your formal shoe, Shoes we supply color, shine, charm and skin the necessary nutrients.

For creaming, waxing and polishing, we use well-known luxury products from a Parisian company of all colors.

Prepare your shoes for social events or work with us…

Warnings and tips

- the skin needs nutrients, shoes often need to be properly creamed, polished and waxed to prevent it from drying out and cracking
- use shoe tensioners to keep the original shape, protect it from deformation and wrinkling (we have on request for sale)
- Avoid contact of shoes with water, the skin does not do well! Waxing will help.

Leather shoes, handbags and bags

199 - 299 CZK
  • Creaming and waxing with a premium product, hand polishing with a brush. Price 299, - for ankle boots, bags and handbags .. (larger creaming area)