299 CZK - low shoes
399 CZK - ankle and high shoes
649 CZK – handbags and larger areas

Leather needs nutrients to keep shoes more vital and extend their life. Creaming will also add colour and smooth out scratches. Waxing protects against the weather and gives the shoes a higher shine. Perfect for weddings, work and meeting the Queen!

Regular treatment will keep the skin hydrated and strong for many years. At creaming, waxing, polishing and cleaning we use luxury products from Parisian company Saphir Médaille d’Or.

We are trained in the care of leather shoes by Italian craftsmen Calzaturificio Victor s.r.l. (Victor Handmade), for whom we completed two-day skin care courses.

We first remove the dirt from the creamed item, preferably using one of our cleaning programs. Before creaming, we can still apply renovating creams to nourish the leather. Then we cream the shoe. After the cream has dried, we apply another layer if needed. We then buff with a soft brush to achieve a shine. Waxing is not always necessary, but is done after creaming and buffing. Apply the wax with a drop of water for a higher gloss. After the wax has been applied, re-polish again.

We use: Saphir Macadamia Renovateur, Saphir Pommadier Medaille d’Or, Saphir Pate de Luxe Beauté du Cuir, Saphir Sole Guard

  • the leather needs nutrients, it needs to be properly creamed, polished and waxed frequently to prevent it from drying out and cracking
  • use turnbuckles, the shoe keeps its original shape, protects it against deformation and boxing
  • avoid leather items from coming into contact with water, it doesn't do the leather any good. A good waxing or impregnation will help
  • creamy leather items can stain, creams contain a dye that is not always 100% absorbed into the skin

1-2 weeks