We repair cracked or abraded skin of all leather or imitation leather items. We use special paints from the USA, specializing in the restoration of leather and textile colors. We choose colors carefully and we know exactly what material and color he needs. We fix the paints with a special layer against abrasion and washing. The colors are flexible and very durable (do not harden).

We restore colors for shoes, handbags, wallets and other things according to the consultation.

Caring for the restored thing
- use shoe tensioners, the shoes retain their original shape, protect it against deformation and creasing of the paint
- Avoid contact with water, the skin does not do well. Impregnate.
- Do not wash the restored item under any circumstances

Individual prices

The price can range from 100 CZK up to several thousand, depending on the size of the repaired areas, complexity and duration of work. You can find out the approximate amount of repairs by phone, email or on social networks.

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