Protective sole

950 Kč

The protective sole is our favorite anti-wear charm for both men's and women's shoes. A fine thin rubber sole is bonded to the outer leather sole to provide grip, comfort and durability. We use a color as close as possible to the color of the original sole. Unless you prefer otherwise. Do you want glossy, matte or textured?

Before applying the protective sole, the thin layer of the sole is sanded so that the protective sole is as close as possible to the rest of the sole. The colour of the protective sole shall be chosen to match the colour of the sole. The protective soles are attached using a specialised adhesive. This adhesive is firm but flexible to suit the movements of your foot. Finally, the edge of the sole is cut and sanded to the shape of the shoe and the edge of the protective sole is re-coloured to the original colour if required. 


2 weeks