Linings to the heel inside the shoe
(repair of sagging, abraded heels inside)
599 CZK / pair
Sewing holes and cracks (manual or machine) Machine 3cm from 60 CZK, Manual 1cm from 100 CZK
Expansion of footwear from 200 CZK
New zippers / Replacement from 400 CZK
New pen - broken arch from 300 CZK
Leather insoles from 300 CZK
Basic insoles from 200 CZK
Bonding from 99 CZK (according to size and complexity)
Heel attachment 150 CZK
Bollards from 250 CZK (according to type, size and brand)
Soles from 350 CZK (according to type, size and brand)
Underlay (leather, textile) from 100 CZK (according to size)
Velcro replacement from 150 CZK (according to size)
Rings, hooks, rivets 30 CZK
Compensation from 60 CZK
Shoelace replacement / New 89 CZK
Patch from 100 CZK
Sole all new (from toe to heel) from 500 CZK
Knocking out shoes 100 CZK
Rubber bands from 200 CZK

More prices and other types of repairs on request. Prices for cleaning, renovation and paint repair can be found in the section Services.