Yeezy Busta or his team of tennis trainers will help you control your shoes.

Variants of controls:

Checking at our branches:

1. Come to our branch with the boots you want to check
2. Photoshoot our shoes according to our best choices and requirements from YEEZY BUSTA
3. We then send YEEZY BUSTA for review or review by a competent employee at the workplace
4. Wait for the answer within 24 hours

E-mail check by photos:

1. Send the amount to the account below, enter your email in the note
2. Send email and screenshot payments to

4. Send as many photos of shoe angles and box (including label on box) (minimum 6 photos)
5. Then send YEEZY BUSTA for review
6. Wait for the answer within 24 hours

Banking connections
n.a. CZK: 2698585133/0800 led by Česká spořitelna, a.s.
n.a. EUR: IBAN: CZ8108000000002698585133, BIC/SWIFT: GIBACZPX

Every legitimate payment for checks is for 1 pair of shoes, if shoes are undetermined (due to low photo quality, etc.), You will be subject to a full refund.

(Disclaimer: There is no statutory control, never 100% sure of the correctness of the check) Every legitimate check is a proposal based on the knowledge of those who control the shoes. Control is not from official manufacturers of the given shoe brand)



Yeezy Busta is a sneakerhead and "Yeezy expert". He appreciates the concept of being a real person and wearing real products. In addition to his Internet glory, he is a full-time student.

The social media phenomenon known for revealing celebrities that wear fake Adidas Yeezy Boosts on their Instagram accounts. He meets with friend Kanye West and many Adidas team members.