Recover heels

from 1000 CZK

Travel on gravel, dig in between the tiles or just really "love" your heels! Don't worry. We can restore the heels of stilettos or boots with new fabric or leather. We try to get as close to the look of the original as possible.

Even with simple black heels, the restoration process begins with finding replacement leather. The recovered leather may need to be thinned using a specialised skin separation machine to make it thin enough to restore the heel without creases. Remove the heel from the shoe by peeling off the insole at the heel, using a hot melt gun to dissolve the glue and removing the screw that attaches the heel to the shoe. When the heel is separated from the shoe, carefully remove the old heel studs and covering material. A pattern is cut from the newly obtained leather and attached to the original heel using a specialised strong glue. Where the heel bends, the top of the material is cut out with mitres so that the material fits flat against the heel. Secure the heel back to the shoe with the original screw and finally add the new heel studs.

2-5 weeks, depending on the material and method of execution.