Cleaning programs

Basic cleansing

The program is suitable for leather shoes that need to be subsequently creamed, polished and waxed. Unless the shoes are somehow more dirty, we choose this program and then carry out the creaming. The programme does not include thorough cleaning of dirt.
– 399 CZK
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Classic cleaning

We clean the exterior of shoes, from common dirt. We do not remove the laces, we clean them on the shoe. We carry out disinfection, deodorization and basic cleaning of the sole. Suitable for shoes that are not too bad. Although we can't guarantee that we can completely remove all stains, this program will freshen up the shoes perfectly.
– 549 CZK
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Vito Special

This program is the most used by our clients of all cleaning programs. We thoroughly clean the exterior and soles of the shoes. The laces are removed and cleaned by hand. We will disinfect and deodorise. We protect the shoes against water and dirt by impregnating them with nanotechnology. Minor cosmetic adjustments for a better impression and to straighten the shape.
– 649 Kč
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Premium cleaning

A comprehensive program that gets everything it can out of every loophole. We combine a range of cleaning methods and products to do the best for your shoes. We clean the interior and exterior in detail. We take the laces off and clean them by hand. We completely disinfect the shoes with ozone and deodorise them. Machine impregnation with nanotechnology in IMBOX. Cosmetic adjustments for a better impression and straightening of the shape. We will take such amazing care that your shoes will be the envy of you!
– 799 CZK
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Mould, pest and biological fluid removal

Sometimes the situation just isn't pretty and requires special techniques to rescue. Fortunately, we have the equipment, experience and procedures that can be applied to your shoes, bags and clothing. If you want to handle such a situation, please let us know in advance as health and safety precautions may be required.
– 849 Kč

Services for the upper part

Creaming and polishing

Leather needs nutrients to keep shoes more vital and extend their life. Creaming will also add colour and smooth out scratches. Waxing protects against the weather and gives the shoes a higher shine. Perfect for weddings, work and meeting the Queen!
– 349 Kč až 449 Kč
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Color restoration

From scuffs and scratches to color fading, leather refinishing and color restoration is the crown jewel of our service. We mix the colors to be as identical to the original color as possible. We will fix the colours with a special anti-scuff and anti-wash coating. No one does shoe color restoration better. Handmade.
– Individual
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Linings, loops, roots, zippers and elastics - sewing is everywhere! If they rip, don't worry. From the super simple to the intricate, our team will not only measure, pin and sew, but choose the exact shade of thread to make it look like we didn't sew anything. We sew by hand and by machine.
– from 100 CZK


You take the shoes on and off, your feet move up and down. The material on the inside of the heel can take a lot. But over time it wears out (holes form) and needs to be replaced or refilled. If the holes are large, we fill them with foam and other necessary material to make the shoes comfortable again.
– 699 Kč


Industrial adhesives usually hold firmly. Over time the strength degrades, sometimes drying out, cracking and losing adhesion. We remove the old glue and apply new glue so that everything holds as it did after manufacture. Circumference, tips or details? Voilà!
– from 100 CZK


If the zipper slider is lost, unzipped or damaged in any way, it is not a problem to repair or even replace it. We always try to match the original as closely as possible. Velcro is not a problem for us either. Vedi!
– from 300 CZK

Services for the lower part

Protective sole

The protective sole is our favorite anti-wear charm for both men's and women's shoes. A fine thin rubber sole is bonded to the outer leather sole to provide grip, comfort and durability. We use a color as close as possible to the color of the original sole. Unless you prefer otherwise. Do you want glossy, matte or textured?
– 990 Kč
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Stiletto reheel

The end of stilettos wear out so quickly... and we often wear them much longer than we should! Don't worry. This service replaces the heels (also called stilettos) with new quality ones.
– 390 Kč
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Flat reheel

Heels wear out easily, replace them before you ruin your shoes. Whether the heels are leather or rubber, replace them and match the original as closely as possible unless you want otherwise.
– od 450 Kč
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Toe pieces

The toes usually have the thinnest soles, the soles wear out much faster than the rest of the shoe. They are most often suitable for women's stilettos or ballerinas, but not always. We will prolong their life for you. Combine with a protective sole.
– from 300 CZK
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Recover heels

Travel on gravel, dig in between the tiles or just really "love" your heels! Don't worry. We can restore the heels of stilettos or boots with new fabric or leather. We try to get as close to the look of the original as possible.
– from 1000 CZK
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Winter and leather soles

Winter shoes, especially the soles, wear out over time and their pattern no longer serves their purpose, you probably know, like the tyres on a car. That's why we replace the sole with a new one with a good pattern. We try to be as close to the original as possible. We usually change the leather soles on men's formal shoes and dye them to match the original. We do not stitch leather soles.
–  od 990

Other services


Boty jsou vyráběny ve standardních velikostech, ale vy jste všechno, jen ne standardní. Naše boty přirozeně potřebují trochu pomoci, aby se přizpůsobily našim jedinečným nohám.
– 300 Kč

Replace hardware

Rings, hooks, rivets, buckles, buckles, carabiners, plastic haberdashery or other shoe fittings. We are able to replace these too, in as close to original appearance as possible. Leave it to our team.
- from 150 CZK


The insole is leather or fabric, glued to the inside of the shoe along the inner bottom (the part you step on). We can custom cut a fresh piece of leather or insert a pad under your existing one. Please note that this will remove any embossed or foiled logos. In some cases, we can reposition the original fabric brand label onto the new insert.
– od 350 Kč

Authenticity verification

Are you planning to buy second hand, from the internet or have you already made a purchase and are unsure of the authenticity? This service will help you save money and verify authenticity. We will tell you with 99.8% accuracy if it is genuine or fake.
- from 150 CZK 

Express services

Don't want to wait for our standard delivery time? Then we offer an express service, where you can have your order ready in 24 and 48 hours or 5 days for an additional fee.
– from +25% 
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The prices are determined based on the experience of our experts and on the prices of the materials used. We use only the best materials and accessories that we trust ourselves. We repair shoes with detail and you can be assured that the quality of the repairs and the appearance of the repairs will be second to none.