Cleaning programs

Bag cleaning

A comprehensive program that gets everything it can out of every loophole. We combine a range of cleaning methods and products to do the best for your bag. We clean both the interior and exterior. We completely disinfect bags with ozone and deodorise. Cosmetic treatments for a better impression including polishing of metal parts, straightening of the shape and impregnation are not to be missed. We will take such amazing care that your bag will be the envy of you!
– from 900 CZK
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Cleaning exotic bags

We clean the interior and exterior of your bags using special techniques for exotic leathers. While we cannot guarantee that we can remove all stains, you can rest assured that your exotic bag is in the most capable hands.
– 1700 Kč
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Mould, pest and biological fluid removal

Sometimes the situation just isn't pretty and requires special techniques to rescue. Fortunately, we have the equipment, experience and procedures that can be applied to your shoes, bags and clothing. If you want to handle such a situation, please let us know in advance as health and safety precautions may be required.
– 799 CZK

Other services


The often acrylic paint, but sometimes also wax, painted along the edges of the skin dries and cracks over time. We sand down the old edges with the smallest sander you've ever seen, hand mix new paint and reapply it. It's like a fresh manicure for your bag!
– od 2000 Kč


Leather bags lose their shine, harden and crack over time. We cream the bags and wax them if necessary. We give the leather the necessary nutrients, shine and colour. We extend the leather's life and charm. A bit like make-up for your bag!
– from 699 CZK
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Color restoration

From scuffs and scratches to color fading and scuffs from denim, leather surface and color restoration is the crown jewel of our service. We fix the colours with a special anti-scuff and anti-wash coating. No one does leather bag refurbishment better.
– Individual
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Linings, loops, straps, gussets and zippers - sewing is everywhere! If they rip, don't worry. From the super simple to the intricate, our team will not only measure, pin and sew, but choose the exact shade of thread to make it look like we didn't sew anything.
– from 500 CZK

ZIP replacement

For handbags and packaging, we can substitute large zippers. We will provide the closest possible match to the size, colour, material and teeth of the zipper. To do this, we have to carefully take off the old zipper and insert the new one (often by hand), taking care to line everything up and sew it perfectly.
– from 800 CZK

Other corrections

New straps? Lems? Ears? Or something else? Ask us for a quote for more services. We will be happy to help you with other things if we are able to. We love it!
– Individual

Authenticity verification

Are you planning to buy second hand, from the internet or have you already made a purchase and are unsure of the authenticity? This service will help you save money and verify authenticity. We will tell you with 99.8% accuracy if it is genuine or fake.
- from 150 CZK 

Express services

Don't want to wait for our standard delivery time? So we offer an express service for you, where you can have your order ready within 24 or 48 hours for an additional fee.
– from +50% 
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Services are for women's and men's bags of all types (handbag, backpack, briefcase, etc.).

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